June 2009 Goals

I’m amazed by how quickly the month of May has flown by! It started with cool days and bare trees, and is ending in a glorious profusion of flowers… and cool weather. Somehow we’ve gone from the beautiful 20°C+ days that we’ve had for the past two weeks down 12°C today.  Burrr!  (Yes, two months ago, that would have been a balmy day.  But now that May is ending, I expect nicer weather!)

So, with the end of the month here it is time to review my goals:

  1. Get at least 1/3 the way through my Lily of the Valley Stole (which I am very nervous about starting)
  2. Finish one more class project from the CreativFestival (Delightful Dragon maybe)
  3. Organize my free cross stitch charts
  4. Find my missing notes and write up that article, and write at least two others
  5. Start my new challenge (more on that in a couple of days)
  6. Try baby sign language with Baby Man again

Unfortunately, I didn’t complete any of them.  The Lily of the Valley Stole turned out to be a bit too difficult for me, so I’m working on Lotus Blossom Shawl now, and it is about 11.5% done.  The front of Delightful Dragon is nearly done, but I’ve been working on a gift for the last week which has taken time away from this goal.  And, with the exception of the new challenge, life just got in the way of everything (especially with Baby Man being sick for a week), so I didn’t have time to get around to them.  We are also probably going to pass on trying baby sign language again because we are coming to realize that Baby Man can actually communicate pretty well if we really pay attention to him.  He’s such a smart little man. (Can you tell I’m a doting mother?)

So, that brings me to my June goals.  I obviously need to try to be more realistic.

  1. Finish gift mentioned above
  2. Finish other gift that involves knitting
  3. Work on third secret gift, again, knitting related, but not expecting to finish it
  4. Finish two more cross stitch related secret gift
  5. Loose 3lbs
  6. Organize free cross stitch charts
  7. Write at least one article of main website
  8. Finish a pair of socks

Do you get the feeling I might not have a lot of pictures to show this month?  Actually, I will, but until the gifts are given, I’m planning on trying to keep some secrets.

One last thing, starting tomorrow I’m going to have a little contest.  I will no longer be updating my Blogger blog, so I thought I would welcome those readers to the Pond, and celebrate my current readers, with a little draw.  Stay tuned for details tomorrow!

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One Response to June 2009 Goals

  1. Dani says:

    Cool new digs! Sounds like you havde a very busy month ahead of you with lots of top secret stitching and knitting!