Sick Little Man

At 16 months old, I know we’ve been very lucky that the Baby Man hasn’t had anything more than a runny nose. But, this past weekend he came down with a fever and just wasn’t acting like himself. I took him to the doctor yesterday morning, and she was very concerned about what I thought was just a simple rash. It turns out that it may be a sign of a blood infection! So, after more than an hour at the lab and six attempts to draw his blood, Baby Man and I returned home to wait for the test results.

Thankfully, we didn’t get a call last night, which means that isn’t the problem.  We will hear this morning if there are any other problems, but I’m pretty sure he is already on the mend.  He ate almost a full, normal breakfast and played a little bit before laying down for a nap.  He usually doesn’t nap in the morning, but I expect he is still a little unwell and in need of some rest.

I learned from this that maybe I’m a little stronger than I think I am. When the doctor said that it could be something serious, my heart dropped and I wanted to cry, but I carried on.  I held him tight when they tried to take a blood sample.  I tried to comfort him when he spent the afternoon crying.  I wanted to give up and cry too, but I held on until he fell asleep.  Then I went to sleep too, because I was just so exhausted.

I have a new respect for parents who have a child with a serious illness.  I barely managed to hang on when all Baby Man had was a fever.  My heart still hearts a little, but I’m so glad that I was able to comfort him, and that I had quanta to comfort me in turn.

Learning to Eat

Here’s a little bonus picture of Baby Man last week, learning to use a spoon.  Good try, little man!

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