What are You Worth?

While I was poking around on some blogs today, I came across some quizes that Wendy Knits had taken a few days ago. So, I thought I’d give them a whirl.

First, I’m worth a lot of money. Yay me! Because this is an American-centric quiz, I had to guess on things like SAT scores and GPA (I picked average numbers for these). And my postal code didn’t register as a location, so I got no points for it. Still, US$2.09 million is nice. I feel expensive!

HumanForSale.com – RezV

On the IQ test I scored 129.  I’ve scored higher on other tests, so I blame this lower score on the brain shrink that comes from having a baby… ignoring the fact that he is almost 16 months old now and my brain was supposed to return to normal size by the time he was six months old…

Free IQ Tests
Free-IQTest.net – Free IQ Tests

And, as further proof that I am no longer as smart as I think I am:

Am-I-Dumb.com – Intelligence Test

Seriously, having a child has been bad for my intellect.  What did you score?

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