They Can’t Be Serious, Right?

While browsing my Twitter stream this morning, I noticed that Tarot artist and VJ Kat Black tweeted that she will no longer drink Bacardi.  Weird, I thought.  So, I decided to find out why.  And it is bad, ladies.  Apparently, Bacardi thinks that their “Ugly Girlfriend” campaign will get us to buy their Bacardi Breezers.  Check out Jezebel for pictures of the ads:

Misogyny isn’t a new phenomenon in advertising, but it usually isn’t targeted so specifically at women, nor is it usually so blatant.  For example, the last ad says “Shop like never before, with your own freckled pile of cellulite.”  What is that?!  How is that appealing to a female demographic?  To me, these ads only show a hatred of women and an attempt to exploit the insecurities that most of us have.

Not being much of a drinker, me boycotting Bacardi won’t have any affect.  I don’t know what to do other then be angry and let others know why.  They are a small, family-owned company that only sells spirits, but hopefully enough voices will be raised in anger over these ads that they will pull them.  I fear, though, that the damage has been done.

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2 Responses to They Can’t Be Serious, Right?

  1. Zeb says:

    I am quite positive they’re trying to target the slightly stupid woman whose so lacking in confidence that she WOULD believe this tripe (and I’m sad to say, there are women out there like that) but COME ON! This is more likely to raise so much NEGATIVE publicity that any woman who was susceptible would quickly see the light.

    Alas I am not much of a drinker myself (the occasional glass of red, and just one is enough to make me tiddly) so boycotting won’t have much effect; but I shall be tweeting!
    Wonder if theres a hashtag.

  2. Zeb says:

    p.s. #bacardifail