Scroll Lace and Teacup Dragon

Pictures again!  Thankfully the husband had a spare USB cable, so I didn’t have to find mine.  (Actually, I looked everywhere for it and it has completely disappeared.  Another way the phone is getting its revenge on me.)

So, here is a close up shot of the lace that will be on the edge of the wrap I am furiously knitting up.  I’m more than halfway through this edging, so I’m making good time.  As I mentioned yesterday, the yarn is Berroco’s Pure Pima, a lovely soft cotton, in colourway 2201 White Linen.  (The picture is a bit dark.)


And, happily, the package I sent to New Zealand for the Fantasy Exchange on the Rotation Stitchers board made it to Zeb safe and sound even though the package was addressed without her last name. (Opps!)  I send Teresa Wentzler’s Tempest finished as a pinkeep and a bunch of other goodies like some Just Nan charts and some of my favourite candies, Rockets. (Which I just learned are called Smarties in the U.S.  Our Smarties look like this.)  I would have liked to send more, but overseas postage is crazy expensive so I had to watch the package’s weight.


I can’t wait to see what I will get as part of the Fantasy Exchange.  I really like doing exchanges.  I think it is because it is nice to send a cross stitch piece to someone you know will appreciate it, and, well, it is just so nice to get gifts in the mail.

Well, back to the salt mines knitting up Scroll Lace.  I love the way it is turning out, but I wish I had more time.  I’d really like to cross stitching in the evenings.  Oh well!

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One Response to Scroll Lace and Teacup Dragon

  1. Zeb says:

    *still flailing incoherently with joy*

    THANKYOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU! It’s the most amazing thing ever! This was my first exchange and I am so glad it turned out so well, I am just really worried that I might have dissapointed the recipient of MY exchange 🙁

    And yeah, Smarties here in NZ and in the UK, are your kinda Smarties.
    *whispers* weirdo Americans!