Work Sucks, Lace is Great

Today was not the best day.  This was my first trip back to the office after going on leave (or leaving, depending on how you look at it).  My team is at a new location now, and while it is quicker and more convenient to get to, it frankly sucks.  Bland grey and white everywhere, and everything is locked down.  Because I have no key, I couldn’t even get out of the lunch room without help.  I’m so glad I’m not going back full time.  I love being with Baby Man waaaaay too much.  And I am so grateful that at this point in my life I don’t have to go back to work there.

So, other than complaining about work (did I mention that no one seemed to miss me and that my team has increased in size by a factor of 4?!), I’ve been knitting like crazy on the Scroll Lace wrap.  And I am so happy to say that I only have the bind off left too do.  Yay me!  There was no way I expected to get it done so quickly.  Here is what it looked like when it was 3/4 done:


Pretty, eh?

Once it is done, I’ll probably knit on my Tesla scarf, which has been very slowly growing.  I will also be so very, very happy return to my cross stitch and I will work diligently on Baby Man’s stocking and start on a wedding piece for my sister-in-law and her wonderful almost-husband.

Tomorrow my LYS is having a sale, and even though I said no stash this month, I’m going to walk down to take a look.  It would be a shame to let yarn I can use go to waste, especially if it is really on sale.

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1 Responses to Work Sucks, Lace is Great

  1. Giovanna says:

    Your lace is so pretty! Beautiful knitting. And your Tempest is great too, what a great idea to finish him like that.