Flowery Finishes

I’ve had a couple of flowery days of progress, and knocked another thing off my August To Do list!

First, I finished up Planet June’s crocheted African Violets.  These are to adorable, and very easy to make.  I used Bernat Satin, and put some craft gravel in the centre of the pot to give the finished piece some weight.

African Violets, Planet June, August 2009

African Violets by Planet June
Yarn: Bernat Satin, various colours

Not the best picture in the world, unfortunately.  I just don’t have Dani’s skills.  You can see several great pictures at the Planet June store, and I’m happy to say that mine looks just like them!  And that, I think, is the sign of a great pattern.  If a piece made by someone who has only been crocheting for six months can turn out as good as the model, the directions must be awesome.

My next flowery finish was the first sock in my pair of Lily of the Valley Socks.  I am totally in love with this sock.  When it is worn, the nupps produce such lovely little bumps on the fabric, and I feel like I have one of my favourite flowers dancing around my feet.


Lily of the Valley Sock by Susan Lawrence/Knit Picks
Yarn: S. R. Kertzer’s On Your Toes Bamboo, Ivory

I’ve already cast on the second sock.  Goodness knows I don’t want to fall pray to the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome with this pair.  And, truthfully, I’m already thinking ahead to what I will knit next.  Possibly another pair of socks or maybe, because fall is just around the corner, I will do a pair of fingerless gloves.

As for cross stitching, I have finally finished the Mill Hill ornament I shared the other day.

Ice Blue Snowflake, Mill Hill, August 2009

Ice Blue Snowflake by Mill Hill
Fabric: 28ct evenweave
Fibre: DMC and unknown metallic
Beads: Mill Hill in various sizes

I was only able to do three fringes on the bottom because there was not enough Ice beads in the kit, and I didn’t have any in my stash either.  (Which is actually really odd.  They must be kitted up with something and I over looked them.) I still think it is darling.  And I just love these Treasured Diamond kits.  If anyone has any they would like to trade for, or even the chart from one they have used, let me know!

I’m now working on Baby Man’s Christmas stocking (have I mentioned how I detest the white floss in Dimension’s kits?) and Casltes in the Air part 4.  I’ve also picked up Celtic Thunder from Enchanting Lair again because I have been thinking about the Creativ Festival.

I have booked my classes for the fall Creativ Festival.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take all of the Teresa Wenztler classes.  She will be using Appleton wool in her crewel and bargello classes, and I have that pesky allergy that causes me to break out in a rash and makes my tongue swell.  So, as much as I enjoy TW’s classes, I’m not going to put myself through that.  I am taking her two other classes, the two classes she is teaching with Jennifer from Dragon Dreams, one of Jennifer’s classes, and a framing class from Laura Dickson of Enchanting Lair. I wish I could take more classes, but I can’t be in two places at once or take Baby Man with me.  (I will be buying the kit for Enchanting Lair’s Celtic Treasure Sewing Kit if I can.  I love it!)

Oh, and I will be attending the Breakfast with Teresa and Jennifer event.  I may go to the Swarovski dinner too if I can find someone to go with.  I’m not to keen on going by myself.

That’s it for me today.  Time to wake up Baby Man and get on with the day.  Household chores await, and maybe some knitting and cross stitch time too, if  I’m lucky.  One place says it will rain all day and another says it will stay clear, so I have no idea if I will be able to take Baby Man to the park today.  Oh well!

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1 Responses to Flowery Finishes

  1. Pauline says:

    Wow, you’ve been so busy! I love the African Violets, I can’t believe someone worked out how to crochet them- how amazing!

    You get to meet TW? Oh good is that?! I have a few of her samplers, which I adore, but I haven’t gotten around to even thinking about starting them.

    Have a great time at the festival, I’m off to look at the link you left for it and to drool!