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Stitching Christmas and a Pile of SALs

It’s the last day of September, and I am in full on Christmas preparation mode.  Only, perhaps, to be broken by a little bit of Halloween stitching next month.  We shall see. On the knitting needles is a Christmas gift, … Continue reading

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Strangled by Tesla

As a former Engineering student, I came across Nikola Tesla often in my studies.  I’ve also run across him in fiction (it is rumoured that H.P. Lovecraft’s Nyarlathotep is based on Tesla), on TV (I love Murdoch Mysteries), and in … Continue reading

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My Swirlygig

Two days without Internet access. Who’d have thought it would be so hard. Of course, forgetting to print out the knitting pattern I’m working on wasn’t a smart idea, and led to much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  But in … Continue reading

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Sampler de Noel and Book Challenge Update 1

I little while ago I posted about taking part in the 10 Book Reading Challenge that Vickie from Reading and Stitching is hosting.  Can you believe, I’ve already finished three books.  I may have mentioned that not only am I … Continue reading

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Knitting – A Review of My First Year

I realized the other day that I had somehow missed the first anniversary of the start of my adventures in knitting.  Unlike cross stitch (which I learned by myself in drips and drabs), I took lessons at a shop to … Continue reading

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TUSAL and Another Pair of Socks

I’m late again.  It seems like I’m always running behind lately.  I should have posted by Total Useless Stitch Along picture on the 18th, but it slipped my mind.  I meant to do it yesterday, but I gave blood in … Continue reading

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Finshes and More Finishes (Time for Something New!)

In my last  post I mentioned that I had spent the afternoon sewing.  My sewing skills are pretty minimal.  I can make drawstring bags (like this one), or paper-piecing quilts (I’ve made four of these), and I can finish bellpulls.  … Continue reading

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