Good-Bye 2009

It is time to say good-bye to 2009 and to review my goals.

First, there are my every day goals:

  • Be the best mom and wife I can possible be to Baby Man and quanta
  • Try to be nice to my parents too :P
  • Do a Tarot card draw every day, even if I can’t spend time thinking about what it might mean
  • Reach my goal weight before our 4th wedding anniversary – Not going to make it this year if I am being healthy, so it will have to be our 5th anniversary
  • Learn to knit socks (starting a class on January 20th) – finished first pair of socks on February 4, 2009
  • Don’t fall too far behind with work, but also don’t take on too much
  • finish getting all of The Lotus Pond material moved over, and start posting some new stuff – Done! Need to write more new material
  • No more celebrity gossip sites or shows (this one will probably be the most difficult) – Well, I peaked at TMZ the day MJ died, but only because Wil Wheaton’s Twitter feed confused  me.  I blame him!

In this first section of goals I think I did very well.  I may not have reached my weight goal, but I did pretty well.  I did draw a Tarot card for every day, which was very interesting.  Work for me is a strange thing, but I can say that I kept up pretty well.  I’m not sure how my work situation will change next year, but hopefully I will be able to keep busy.

I did a good job of keeping away from celebrity gossip.  I looked at TMZ a few times around Michael Jackson’s death and when Britney Murphy died.  I think I can be excused to that.  (Isn’t it funny how TMZ gets news before the traditional media does?)

And for cross stitch and knitting:

  • finish one felt kit (either Christmas car, plane or train)
  • finish knitting Brooke’s Column of Leaves scarf and hat (and think about the gloves) – Hat completed on January 17, 2009 and scarf on January 31, 2009; have decided not to make the gloves
  • start and finish knitting Ice Queen (assuming I’m not also allergic to mohair) – Not happening. Apparently mohair causes me to have a bad asthma attack. I’m very sad, but glad some room on my To Do list was cleared up.
  • knit Bernat’s baby kimono for Baby Man before he is too big for it – finished knitting in April 2009
  • knit some gifts – done, and knitting a couple more!
  • XS Christmas house ornaments (one a month) –not happening as of April 2009
  • finishing XS’ing all my class projects from the fall CreativFestival before this fall’s festival (Overdyed Odyssey, Camelot Mini, Delightful Dragon, Tiny Torture Sampler, First Dragon Encounter, Dragon Lullaby, Celtic Thunder) – There is no way this is going to  happen now.  I got too distracted by other projects and Baby Man
  • XS Stitcher’s Trove in the purples I picked out
  • make some progress XS Baby Man’s birth sampler – decided on which design to do in April 2009
  • finish Halloween Fairy, which I started on Boxing Day – finished on March 12, 20009
  • XS Take Time to Stitch, and think of a way to mount it on my sewing boxCompleted in January 2009, still thinking about how to mount it
  • Start and finish these small designs: Black Hatter, Voodoo Girl, Scarab Monogram
  • Start and finish at least the box top for Christmas Treasures, if not the ornaments too
  • Make a start on stocking for everyone, and try to have Baby Man’s ready for Christmas 2009 – Started Baby Man’s stocking in July
  • finish gift for family member  (ooh! a secret!) – Done!!

The items in red are things I did not finish.  But, as I said yesterday, I figure I finished about 40 cross stitch projects of various sizes, so I did very well overall.  My main goal was to get Baby Man’s stocking done, and I achieved that.

And if you haven’t seen this, it is worth a look: The Decade in 7 Minutes from Newsweek.  (It is a bit America-centric, but interesting none the less.)

Lastly, the Legends SAL starts tomorrow. If you are planning on joining in, please head over to this thread and let us know what you are stitching.  There will be a draw for a prize. 🙂

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