A Final Few Finishes

As the last few hours of 2009 tick away, I’ve managed to find a bit of time to finish up a final two projects.

The first is a freebie from Prairie Schooler, Snowman.  You may remember me mentioning that it was a little kit given away by my LNS during their holiday open house.  They changed the design to be stitched with DMC Colour Variations and Anchor floss and a few beads.  It is stitched on 20ct. white opalescent fabric with two threads over one.  I’ll finish it up into a pillow ornament the next time I get the sewing machine out, using the backing fabric in the kit.

Snowman by Prairie Schooler

And, I just put the final stitches in Lost Dragon Sampler by Dragon Dreams.  It is stitched with DMC and Waterlilies on a 28ct. Silkweaver Solo.  I made a few changes: 1 became A in the first line of the verse, I used different beads (maybe 03004?), and I left off the blackwork row below the dragon.  I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and how quick it was to stitch up: 3 days!

Lost Dragon Sampler by Dragon Dreams

I’m pretty sure that puts me at 40 finished cross stitch projects for 2009.  Here’s a slide show of them all:

I also figure I finished 14 crochet projects (including those five Christmas puddings), and somewhere around 46 knitting projects (about half of those were dish cloths).  I think that is a pretty productive year for someone who has an active toddler to deal with. I may not have met all my goals, but I don’t think I have anything to be disappointed about.

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