Socks, a Sea Turtle and Some Cleaning

I’m a little bit rough around the edges these days.  We’ve gone from Baby Man going to bed very easily at night, to him crying for up to an hour before falling asleep, to him waking up sometime between 12:30 and 1:30am and refusing to go back to sleep.  That means I’ve spent the last two nights sleeping on his floor with him.  And this is because Baby Man is a little strange: once he wakes up he is wide awake and it takes a couple of hours for him to fall back asleep.  And he has been like this for over a year, the being awake part not the waking up bit.  It is endlessly frustrating to me, since I am the one who usually goes in to sleep with him.   Honestly, I’d like to put him in a twin bed soon so that I have somewhere to sleep when he does this nonsense.

Thankfully, when he woke up the night before last, he settled down pretty quickly after I joined him and fell asleep in about an hour.  That meant I got almost a full night of sleep. (Six hours is enough sometimes.)  And that meant I had enough energy to finish up my Pyroclastic socks from the Winter 2009 Knitty.  They are knit using Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in colourway Misty Greens.  And I will tell you in all honesty that I am only so-so on these socks.  Oh, they fit great and I love the yarn, but I’m not totally impressed with the pattern or the look.  Because of the way the sides swoop up and over the lace pattern, a chart of what exactly was supposed to happen would have been very helpful.  As it is, I had to make some guesses when I wasn’t able to properly follow the lace pattern because of swoop.  Also, I think that maybe this particular lace pattern wasn’t the right choice for this sock, as it definitely looks better on one side than the other.  Perhaps a good solution would be to knit one sock as the mirror image of the other.  Regardless, they are done, and I have my only piece of green clothing now.

Pyroclastic Socks from Knitty, Winter 2009

On Thursday I finished up a gift for Baby Man’s birthday this Sunday.  I crocheted him Planet June’s Sea Turtle, the pieces of which I have shared with you before.  And here he is all finished:

Sea Turtle by Planet June

It was a lot of work to piece him together, but he is so cute and so it was totally worth the effort.  I don’t know what Baby Man will think of him since he is more interested in cars than soft toys, but that is okay.  I enjoyed making the turtle, and I am sure one day Baby Man will love it.  I actually love all of Planet June’s patterns, and will be starting her Groundhog later today, assuming everything goes well and I don’t fall into a deep, horribly needed sleep.

I had one other small finish back on Wednesday, a simple and clever cover for my Swiffer Wet Jet.  I used two colours of kitchen cotton held together to get this look.  The husband likes it because he says you can tell when it is dirty because of the white, but it won’t look too dirty because of the blue.  If you are interested in this pattern, you can buy it here on Ravelry or at this shop on Etsy.  And it is super cheap and really easy to make.

Swiffer Cover by Red Berry Crochet

Baby Man Testing the Swiffer Cover

I’ve also made very little progress on Sewing the Seeds.  I mean, I only have two hands.  If I’m knitting and crocheting, I can’t be cross stitching. 🙂  I’m trying though.

Sewing the Seeds - January 23, 2010

If you are taking part in the SAL on the TW board, please post your progress!  I’ll be drawing for a small  prize at the end of the month.  There aren’t a lot of posts, so your changes are pretty good.

Tomorrow is Baby Man’s second birthday, so I will be attempting to bake a carrot cake today.  I’ve never baked a cake before, so I’m hoping it goes well. Wish me luck.

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2 Responses to Socks, a Sea Turtle and Some Cleaning

  1. Annette says:

    Ohh I am glad that I am passed the age of waking up children. I think the socks look wonderful and you certainly have been busy with all your crafts.
    .-= Annette´s last blog ..Sweet Nectar =-.

  2. Missy Ann says:

    Love those socks! And the turtle is so cute.
    .-= Missy Ann´s last blog ..Someone dropped a house on my sister! =-.