A Little Sun(Flower)

Well, as I’m sure you can guess, I didn’t get myself pulled together yesterday to offer a giveaway.  I’m very sorry about that.  I ended up going into the office yesterday, and was just too worn out when I got home.  However, I will definitely have a giveaway soon. On May 10th, to celebrate my birthday, I will be offering a cross stitch giveaway. So, please be sure to check back.

I’ve made some more progress on Sunflower Fairy.  I think she is turning out just lovely.  The colours just seem to glow on the dark fabric.

Sunflower Fairy by Nora Corbett

Sunflower Fairy will have to pause for a few days though; I need to get working on my name tag for the getaway I’m going to next weekend.  I have it all planned in my head, I just need to get it on fabric. 🙂  I was waiting for some ribbon to arrive in the mail, but I don’t think it will get here on time, so I have to go with Plan B.

No real knitting is happening, just a couple of rows on a dishcloth (and I think I am totally over dishcloths for a while).  I have eleventy-billion projects I want to work on, plus about 10 different balls of sock yarn I want to buy (the colours!), but for some reason the husband and Baby Man expect me to cook and do all those sorts of things instead of spending my time knitting and stitching. Seriously!

And, last for today, I’d like to award the Sunshine Award to Darlene of Craftkitten.  Check out my last post for info and rules.  (Thank you for your comment, Darlene! See you next weekend at the retreat.)

Oh, and one last thing! I won a free chart from Whisper by the Wind, through the online Needlework Show. It was difficult to picked, but I ultimately decided on their newest design, Julia’s Quilt.  Thank you very much to Mari for the chance to win. 🙂  (I’ve entered sooooo many draws lately, and haven’t won any. I was starting to feel really sad, but this win has totally perked me up.)

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1 Responses to A Little Sun(Flower)

  1. Sara says:

    The Sunflower Fairy is beautiful!!