Hardanger Spider Web

I think the heat of summer is a funny thing.  In the shade and with a breeze, 32° is tolerable, but stand in the sun and take away the breeze, and I feel like I’m going to melt into a puddle. To make matters worse, we have had very high humidity here this year, and it regularly feels more like 37° or higher. And even though I am inside in air conditioning most of the time, I still feel that lethargy that the summer heat seems to cause.  But, Canada is a country with 4 very distinct seasons, and temperatures will get back to reasonable levels by September, and the fall weather will be starting very soon after that. (Some say we only have two seasons: winter and road construction.)

Yesterday morning I was actually feeling quite productive, even though Baby Man woke me up early by trying to batter his way out of his room. (The door sticks, so he can’t open it himself yet.)  I was able to start and finish lesson four of The Gift of Stitching hardanger course.

I would also like to share with you a wonderful discovery: the best hardanger scissors ever. Knit Picks, an online knitting store, sells these scissors for cutting steeks, but they have a wonderfully sharp tip and such a smooth action.  I have  never had such an easy time snipping threads on hardanger. Best of all, they are only US$2.99.  Here’s the link, if anyone is interested.  (Not affiliated, just love their yarn, blah, blah.)

On Friday, the Creativ Festival released their class list of the fall festival.  And me being me, and this being the crafting highlight of my year, I have already picked all my classes.  Now I  just have to wait patiently for registration to open on Monday.  I’m planning on taking all the classes offered by Laura Dickson of Enchanting Lair, all of Jennifer Aikman-Smith’s classes, a needlework designer round robin that covers Swedish weaving, gold work and stitching on perforated paper.  I’m also going to either take a class on knitting one sock inside the other at the same time or on provisional cast ons, and one on making a beaded snowflake pin. And, I’m planning on taking a short beginners lecture on tatting. This pretty much fills up the entire weekend.  I’ll only have a bit of time here and there for shopping, which is good since it will save me from buying things I don’t need.  However, there are a bunch of make-an-takes on the show floor that I’d love to try, like a sashiko decorated coffee mug, some swarovski earrings, and a beaver fur knitted scrunchie!  Can you tell that  I’m excited?

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3 Responses to Hardanger Spider Web

  1. Missy Ann says:

    Thanks for the link to the scissors, I had to laugh. I’ve been looking for an online source for those. I gave away 3 pair of them last year in my Halloween giveaway!

    Lovely start to the hardanger!

  2. Blu says:

    Your hardanger piece looks great!

    You’ve certainly got a ton planned for CF! I’m so jealous! You have to share tons of pics!

  3. Darlene says:

    Sounds like we are going to be taking a lot of the same classes this year at the Festival.