Playing with Punchneedle

First off, thanks for all the comments about my monster pile of project.  I know, it is ridiculous. In my defence (if there is any!), some of them are quite old and about 10 or so are class projects I just haven’t gotten around to finishing.  And several of them are small. Really. Okay, yeah, I need to start finishing things.

So, that leads me to a new project I’m working on: punchneedle! I did start it about two weeks ago, but I haven’t made much progress because I am actually finding it kind of hard.  I’m not really sure what is so hard about putting a needle in and out of fabric, but if it can be messed up, I can do it. Yay, me.  I think I’ve figured it out finally, and here is my piece so far:

Live Simply by Dimensions (WIP)

I need to do some touching up along the bottom to make it more even, but I think it is looking pretty good.

Here’s a picture of the back.  You can see that I’m a novice for sure since it isn’t very neat at all.

Live Simply by Dimensions - Back (WIP)

If you are interested in punchneedle, I highly recommend a little booklet Planet June put out last year.  (Yeah, I know I recommend her stuff a lot.  I’m not a shill and I don’t get any kickbacks. I just really, honestly think that she is very talented.  I’ve also met her twice [for a total of about 30 minutes], and I think she is a very sweet person.) If I can make my way successfully through this Dimensions design, I’m going to try Planet June’s moon design next. I think it would look great on a bag.

I still don’t know what to do about Castles in the Air, but I appreciate the suggestions. Anyone want to buy it off me? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I’m also trying to get a little better at commenting on blogs.  I read a lot of cross stitch and knitting blogs but I rarely comment because I just don’t know what to say.  I’m actually very shy and more than a little afraid of sounding dumb when I leave a comment.  I bet my cousin doesn’t even know I read every one of her blog posts because I so rarely comment on them.  Anyway, I’m trying to get better.  And if you read my blog and feel too shy to comment, please do. I want to read your blog too, if I don’t already. 🙂

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2 Responses to Playing with Punchneedle

  1. Erica says:

    The punchneedle looks pretty awesome! I tried it once and made enough of a muck of it to happily toss it in the trash. You’re doing far better than I did!

    Thanks for all your comments on my blog – I appreciate them! We’ve made it to Vancouver now – we’re staying at DH’s uncle’s townhouse which they’ve lent us while we’re here. We’re going to go out and explore soon!

  2. Bernadette says:

    where did you get your punchneedle?