A Touch of Halloween

My exchange piece is done and in the mail.  Hopefully it will arrive safely and quickly at its destination.  I think it turned out very nicely, but I’m still concerned that it won’t be to the taste of the recipient.  Honestly, every time I do an exchange I get so worried. And yet, in the end, there is never any need for concern.

This morning I started a little Halloween ornament, sort of as a way to cleanse the palette before getting back to work on something big (or maybe starting a new something big…). I’m stitching Jack O Lantern by Casey Buonaugurio Designs, which is in the Sept/Oct 2010 Just Cross Stitch. I’m using DMC threads and some unknown fabric from my stash, which I think is probably a 34 count linen of some sort.

Jack O Lantern by Casey Buonaugurio (WIP)

I wasn’t able to capture the colour very well, but think the inside of a pumpkin rather than the outside.

There are at least three more designs I’d like to do from this issue, include the Brooke’s Books witch.  I’m going to cross my fingers and hope my LNS has some silver perforated paper for her. I may actually do a TW after this though, since Playful Kittens is calling to me.

It looks like my knitting plans for the fall will be changing. Baby Man’s blue sweater turned out great, and it looks really good on him.  But it is made from acrylic, and three others were going to be made from acrylic too. The problem? He has eczema, which we are able to keep fairly well under control with cream, staying out of the heat and humidity (it has been a very indoors sort of a summer), and dressing him in cotton. Even with a cotton long-sleeve shirt underneath, an acrylic sweater will likely cause him to get an eczema rash. At least I figured this out before I started the other sweaters. Thankfully, one bunch of yarn can be returned. Another  bunch will either go to a charity knitter or I will make something for charity myself, and the last bunch may become part of an afghan.

And lastly I just want to say “Yay!” I won Daffycat’s draw for this super cute Halloween pin cushion.  I’m so happy.  Truthfully, I was starting to get all whiny about entering all kinds of draws and never winning anything, so this was so unexpected. 😀 (Okay, she actually drew another name first, and that lady didn’t want to be entered, so I really came in second. But for once being second was just right! Yay!)

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3 Responses to A Touch of Halloween

  1. Missy Ann says:

    I love that little Jack O’ Lantern design. But alas, I have no orange fabric to stitch it on.

  2. Blu says:

    Too bad about the Little Man being allergic, but at least you figured it out early.
    Congrats on winning Daffycat’s drawing~

  3. Annie says:

    I love everything in this issue of JCS. I want to stitch Halloween things all year!

    I’m surprised that your son is sensitive to acrylic. I always thought that fiber was pretty foolproof for babies. Maybe it just wasn’t a soft-enough yarn. Guess you have to stick with cottons.