Meet Jack

Finally, a finish I can share: Jack O Lantern by Casey Buonaugurio!

Jack O Lantern by Casey Buonaugurio

This time I got the colour a little more true. The fabric is an unknown pumkpin-y coloured linen that is somewhere around 34 count. I do plan on finishing him into an ornament, but that will have wait a little while. Sometime around mid-September I’m taking an ornament finishing class at my LNS, and I’m hoping to learn enough to allow me to make nice looking ornaments. Goodness knows I have a backlog of pieces to finish, and a whole pile more I’d like to stitch.

Normally I would review my monthly goals on the last day of the month, but I forgot to set goals for August. Oops. It was a fairly productive month. I finished my cross stitched exchange piece, a knitted pair of anklet socks, two crocheted alpacas, the sweater for Baby Man, the Inga bag, and a crochet dinosaur. Hopefully next month will go just as well, although September and October are very busy for me this year. (My busy is most other people’s slow time, but we all live at our own pace.) Tomorrow I’ll share my September goals with you.

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1 Responses to Meet Jack

  1. Pauline says:

    Cute looking Jack! You’ve finished so much in a month, as usual, I’m impressed.

    Now, what is an Inga Bag? Can’t wait to see it.