November and December 2010 Goals

Happy November! I hope you survived the ghost and goblins of last night, and still managed to hang onto a little bit of candy for yourself.  We didn’t take Baby Man out. I think he is still too small, and he isn’t a big candy eater anyway. He prefers baked goods. 🙂

For many of you, November begins the busiest time of year. Up here in Canada, we have already had our Thanksgiving, and there is only Remembrance Day to observe this month. It is an important day for us, and an excellent start to the season of friends and family. But there is something about waking up on November 1st that gets me thinking about Christmas and the holidays. No decorations yet! But all the Halloween stuff with be down shortly, with just a few autumn pumpkins and the like left out.

Christmas and the gift giving season is coming up very quickly, and that means that I will be focusing on stitching and knitting gifts for the next two months. And that also means fewer posts and pictures. With all of that in mind, I thought it would be better to write my goals for November and December, since  it is all going to blend together anyway. So, my goals:

  • Stitch and finish six ornaments
  • Knit six gifts

How’s that? Wish me luck!

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1 Responses to November and December 2010 Goals

  1. Christine says:

    I need to check how many ornaments I have done so far. I need 12 – big family gathering this year.