October 2010 Goal Review

Happy Halloween! Another month is nearly over, and this one ends with candy. What could be better?

Victorian Halloween Postcard

And being the end of the month, regardless of the festivities, it is time to review my monthly goals. I wanted to:

  • finish second pair of slippers for charity
  • knit at least one bewb for charity/Ravelry KAL
  • finish Halloween ornament (the Ink Circles one from this year’s JCS Halloween issue)
  • start Kai-Mei socks, and finish at least one (they are the green pair in the small pictures at that link)
  • make significant progress on the outer border of Kitchen Blessings
  • finish TW’s Playful Kittens

Not bad! I do have one of the Kai Mei socks done (I do still need to Kitchener stitch the toe, however), and the second sock is just about to have the heel turned.

I didn’t get quite as much done on Kitchen Blessings as I wanted, but I still made a good progress.

And, sadly, By the Full Moon still needs its moon stitched. I also didn’t finsih the jack-o-lantern ornament into an ornament for my wee Halloween tree. I think I need to remember that October is just too busy for that sort of thing, and that I should have all of my Halloween ornaments done before October, or at least before the CreativFestival rolls around.

Don’t forget: today is the final draw for Missy Ann and Annette’s 31 Days of Halloween. Annette is hosting the draw today, but be sure to head over to Missy Ann’s to see what her package will contain. I wish you the best of luck in winning a fabulous treat today.

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  1. Daffycat says:

    Trick or Treat!

    Happy Halloween!