Stitchin’ Questions

There is a new stitching meme making the rounds. Andie started it, and I have seen Erica and Lindsay answer it. And, now it is my turn:

1. What are you stitching at the moment?

Well, I’m working on several things. (You know me.) But the piece under my needle at this particular moment is Mill Hill’s Snowflakes from the 2010 Holiday collection.

2. How many finishes have you had this year? Small? Medium? Large? Extra Large?

I have finished two large projects, two that I would consider medium, and eleven small so far.

3. Do you think you will finish any more in the next month and a half before the end of the year?

I’d like to finish up another three or four small designs before Christmas.

4. If you could buy 1 thing for yourself what would it be? (Doesn’t have to be stitching)

Well, if I could buy anything reasonable, I’d get myself a new heavy-duty ball winder. But, you know, I mustn’t want that too much, since it isn’t even on my wish list. I guess the real answer would be more books. I really, really love to read.

5. What is the best thing you have ever stitched?

The best? Hmm, I’m not sure whether to define this the most complicated piece I’ve done, the one I like the best, or the one that I had the best time stitching. I suppose, if I had to pick something, today it would be my Chang Er from Pin Stitch.

6. Do you like making lists?

Goodness, me, yes. 🙂 Do I follow them or even remember I have them? No…

7. Do you stitch in rotation (how does it work?) or OAAT?

I stitch whatever strikes my fancy, whenever the spirit moves me.

8. What is the next thing you plan to stitch?

After finishing up my holiday stitching, I’d like get back to Enchanting Lair’s Kitchen Blessings and Victoria Samplers’ Christmas Treasures.

9. What is your fave ONS? And why?

I shop at ABC Stitch (mostly for the sale section) and Stitching Bits and Bobs (when they have a general % off sale).

10. Do you have a stitching chair?

No, like Sheldon Cooper, my location is left side of the couch. I have a tabletop Daylight lamp and all my supplies on the end table.

11. Do your children/pets get into your stitching things?

So far, Baby Man has been very good and not really touched anything. I’m not sure how long that will last.

12. Do you participate in any stitching forums?

I occasionally post on The Wagon, TWBB and Mirabilia Stitchers. Most of my forum time is spent over on Ravelry.

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  1. Pauline says:

    That was very interesting! Thanks for sharing, I might do this on my blog!