2010 Review

I have to admit, I haven’t been looking forward to reviewing my 2010 crafting goals. I know I didn’t even accomplish even half of what I set out to do.

My goals were:

  • Finish Baby Man’s birth sampler
  • Finish Enchanting Lair’s Kitchen Blessing for my husband
  • Finish the Celtic Thunder bourse and put a little stitching kit in the living room
  • Finish up at least half of the Creativ Festival class pieces I have left over (Delightful Dragon, Tiny Torture Sampler, First Dragon Encounter, Dragon Lullaby, Celtic Thunder, Tiny Dragons, Cutwork Compass Rose)
  • Stitch another stocking (for Mom?)
  • Finish one of my felt kits
  • Knit socks for others (and maybe a couple more pairs for me)
  • Get up to date with and stay current with Papillon Creations Castles in the Air
  • Do some punch needle projects
  • finish a wedding gift

I didn’t accomplish very many of these things. Kitchen Blessings still isn’t done, nor is Baby Man’s birth sampler (right now I’m not even sure what I am going to do, since I’m no longer in love with the one I have started), etc., etc. I did knit more socks. Eight and 3/4 pairs in fact, with three and 3/4 of those pairs for other people. I also tried punch needle, and really enjoyed it after I got the hang of it. And, I did finish that wedding gift.

I wouldn’t say this year was a bust, though. I did finish twenty-five cross stitch projects (two large, one medium, eight small-ish, and the rest were ornaments). I managed to remember to take pictures of all of the projects except three. (One is on its way to someone, and the other two are hidden in the closet waiting to be finished into usable items.)

I also finished about thirty-five knitting projects (some of which I didn’t get pictures for).

And, I completed about twenty or so crochet projects, all of which I actually took pictures of. (Amazing!)

I also tried my hand at a few sewing projects. And, sadly, my sewing skills aren’t at the same level as my cross stitch are knitting. One of my 2011 goals is to work on improving them. I shared the picture of the vintage-style dog I made, and I also shared a pouch in the same post (I’ve made two more since).

So, even thought I didn’t accomplish my goals for 2010, I still think I had a very successful year.

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