Chirstmas Gift Round-Up

It can be difficult to find things to post about in the later half of the year. So much of my time has been spent working on Christmas gifts, and I’m not always able to share pictures of them. However, now that Christmas is past and the gifts have been received, I’d like to share pictures of a couple of things.

Inishmore Cap by Cheryl Andrews

My dad loves drivers caps. Last year, I tried to make him Morgan using some wool/alpaca blend yarn, and things didn’t turn out very well. (Wool allergy plus difficult pattern makes for an awful time knitting.) But, this year I was determined to make him a great cap. Enter the Inishmore Cap by Cheryl Andrews. The pattern is much easier than Morgan, and this time I picked an acrylic yarn that worked out really, really well. My dad loves it, and has asked me to make it in two more colours. We shall see. (I also gave him a pair of black fingerless mitts, a crocheted chicken teapot cozy, and some dish cloths.)

Cthulhu's Unspeakable Hat by Finlay Logan

My husband received Cthulhu’s Unspeakable Hat by Finlay Logan, my first attempt at colourwork. I used Knit Pick’s Shine Worsted, and I am very pleased with the results. With the yarn being a cotton/rayon blend, I wasn’t sure how warm it would be, but the husband says it is really warm, which is fabulous!  (He also got a scarf [which isn’t quite done since I was waiting for more yarn], and a pair of wool socks I had someone else knit for him.)

Suede Slippers by Lisa S. Rowe

I made Suede Slippers by Lisa S. Rowe for my mom. They are a little big on my feet (pictured), but they seemed to fit her well. It is a pretty straightforward patterns, and I think I may make another pair for myself.

Loopy Crochet Scarf by Rozetti Yarns

I also made her Loopy Crochet Scarf by Rozetti Yarns using Rozetti Yarns Cocoon Multi, which was a kit I bought at the Creativ Festival. This was super, super quick to crochet. I think it took no more than 25 minutes, and the effect is pretty neat. (My mom also got a knit hat in colours similar to the scarf, a pair of cabled mitts, and a pair of socks knit from Cascade Fixation.)

And, believe it or not, I’ve already started planning my projects for next Christmas. There are at least two in my Ravelry queue already. 🙂 And we won’t even bring up the fact that I’ve already started my shopping for next Christmas too. 🙂

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