A Prize from Kreinik

A few weeks ago I won one of Kreinik’s Facebook draws. Somehow, Canada Post pulled off the impossible, and it has already arrived at my door.

Kreinik Ornament Frames

The prize is two of the new Kreinik Ornament Frames. The silver one is just the frame; the gold one comes pre-mounted with 40 count silk gauze. Each package contains a metallic front frame, a metallic  back, a working frame (in the case of the silk gauze ornament frame, this is where the gauze is mounted), and nine double-sided Treasure Tape dots for assembling the frame. The opening measures approximately 6.5 cm (2.5″)  across, and the frame itself is approximately 10 cm (4″), not including the bump at the top for the hanger.

The instructions are pretty easy: stitch a design that fits the frame, mount it to the back of the working frame, then sandwich on the front and back, using the Treasure Tape dots  to secure everything. I would have liked to see a free design included with the gauze-mounted frame, but overall, I’m happy with the kit. The finish on the front and back look to be fairly durable, and the weight of the pieces seems to me to be similar to matte board. I think my biggest problem will be finding designs to fit the frames.

I’m actually very excited about winning these. I mean, other than free stuff (and who doesn’t love that?), I’m finally going to get to try silk gauze. Along with canvaswork, stitching on silk gauze is another one of those things on my to do list. (I might actually have a little kit with silk gauze in it somewhere if I look, but I think my stash has swallowed it whole.) Now I just need to figure out what the heck I can stitch that will fit in the frame. Any ideas?

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