My Fourth Bewb

Back in October, I knit a few bewbs for charity. Apparently word got around, and my mom asked me if I would be willing to knit a bewb for a customer at her shop. What else could I say but yes?

Silky Bewb

This time I used a lovely silk yarn from Handmaiden Fine Yarns, a Canadian company. Again, I used the pattern from Knitty, but made the bewb all in one piece. I don’t know if the lady has received it yet, but I hope she loves it.

I like to knit and stitch things for other people, but I often wonder if it is worth the effort. I made several nice baby things for the husband’s cousin, and when she asked if I made them and I said yes, her response was “Cool”. Yeah. Maybe it is time to only make things for people who ask for them and appreciate the time and effort that goes into them.

How do you feel about making things for other people? Do you get more enthusiastic reactions that I have been getting?

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