A Rainbow of Fabric

Like most people, I’m sure, my thoughts tend to turn to organization at the end of the year. And, since I’d rather not clean out the cupboards or closets, I decided to tackle my fabric stash. So, I dumped out the box on the bed, removed everything from their plastic bags (which they shouldn’t be stored in anyway) and sorted it all by colour.

My Fabric Stash (mostly)

That’s it, nearly every piece of fabric I have. There are about five or six projects that have their fabric stored with the chart, but this is the majority of my stash. (I also have a small stash of adia tucked away for a rainy day.) Clearly, I have a lot of blue fabric. I also have enough blue/purple mix to rate its own pile. I’m very low on red, and I don’t have any yellow. But, really, I’ve never stitched on yellow and rarely use red, so that is no problem. I have a little less white than I would like, and I think I’ll keep my eyes open for a deal on some.

The fabric is all back in its box now, wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, much better organized than before.

When going through all this fabric, I was a little bit surprised that I could easily pick out which hand-dyed pieces were from Enchanting Lair, or Silkweaver, or elsewhere. It is very true that each dyer has their own style, even when the colours used are similar.

I was thinking about joining a fabric club next year, but I’m not so sure any more…

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