H is for Me

One of my goals this year was to stitch the four Victoria alphabet samplers that I have (H, K, M and W).  They are actually pretty quick to stitch up, so I’m hoping this is one goal I can accomplish this year. And, happily, earlier this week I did finish H is for Homemaker.

H is for Homemaker by Victoria Sampler

As I’ve said before, Victoria Sampler designs aren’t really my style, but I love doing all the specialty stitches. This design, more than any one I’ve stitched, had elements in it that I really didn’t like at all. So, I made some changes on the fly and ended up with a finished piece that I love. Some minor changes include leaving off some beads and changing the colour of others. The major change comes with changing the homemaker figure significantly.

Two Homemakers (VS left, mine right)

My version is on the right, and the Victoria Sampler version is on the left. Oddly, the colours I picked for my homemaker’s clothes matched the colours I was wearing the day I stitched it. Funny how that worked out. (I can pass on my notes re. my changes if anyone is interested.)

For those who like to know these things, the design was stitched using the Victoria Sampler thread pack on 30 count linen banding.  I’ll be stitching all the other designs on the same banding.

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3 Responses to H is for Me

  1. Beatrice says:

    Your changes are very Pretty. Funny how you picked colours you were wearing.

  2. Missy Ann says:

    I love your changes, I like yours much more than VS’s version.