Virtual Crazy January

I’m sure a lot of you cross stitchers out there have heard about Crazy January. The idea, for those who don’t know, is to take the traditional guilt-free January to new extremes. So, instead of starting a new design or two, you start one new design for the first fifteen days of January. 15 start! Holy cow!

With a WIP list that contains well over forty entries, I couldn’t take part in Crazy January and still stay sane. But, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t given it a little bit of though. So, here’s what I would have stitched if I was crazy (or maybe I should say, crazier):

  1. Velveteen Rabbit by Lynn Nicoletti
  2. Gingerbread Stitching House by Victoria Sampler
  3. Growth Rings by Ink Circles
  4. Santa’s Dragon by Dragon Dreams
  5. Rapunzel by Teresa Wentzler
  6. Peacock Tapestry by Teresa Wentzler
  7. Stitcher’s Trove by Enchanting Lair
  8. Wheel of the Year by Joan Elliot
  9. Celtic Sewing Box by Enchanting Lair
  10. Living with Charm series by Lizzie*Kate
  11. Green Flip-It series by Lizzie*Kate
  12. one of the Brooke’s Books witches
  13. Yo Ho Ho Ho by Sue Hillis
  14. My Needle’s Work by Little House Needleworks
  15. Voodoo Girl by Haberdashery Designs

How’s that for an eclectic list? My tastes are varied, and all of these are things I would love to stitch really soon, but I know I probably won’t.

In coming up with this list, and thinking about how things go at Christmas, I’ve decided that I will be taking a few things off my “stitch it one day, hopefully soon” list: the stockings for myself, my husband and my parents. I love the stocking I made for Baby Man, but it is really small.  So, at the after-Christmas sales this year, I picked up a nice selection of blue and silver stockings that rest of us can use. Maybe, one day when I have more time, I will knit everyone stockings. But, until then, store-bought for the adults and the cross stitch stocking for Baby Man are just fine.

So, anyone want to buy/trade for some Dimensions stocking kits? 😉

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1 Responses to Virtual Crazy January

  1. Giovanna says:

    Oh what fun, I made a virtual Crazy List too! We have the Green Flip-Its in common 🙂