Half of January’s Socks

I’m sure you all have been waiting with bated breath to hear about my progress with my self-imposed sock club. (You have, right? 😉 ) Well, it is about halfway through the  month, and I am halfway through my first pair of socks.

I was worried for a little while that things were going to go very badly right from the start. The handy random number generator at random.com told me to knit a pair of socks who’s name I can’t remember right now using Classic Elite Yarns Classic Silk (a lovely worsted weight yarn that is a silk/cotton/nylon mix). The pattern is fabulous, and the yarn is very lux. However, the two did not go together well at all. I was part way down the leg before I gave up. I knew if I continued I’d end up with a pair of socks I’d hate and waste a lovely yarn (bought by the husband all by himself).

So, I went back to the random number generator, and ended up with Flame Wave Socks (Ravelry link) using Cascade Fixation in colourway Orchid.

Flame Wave socks by Ann Budd

Unfortunately, this isn’t the best pattern/yarn match either. But, I’ve been happy enough with them to keep going. Thankfully, I’m pretty sure about all the other pattern/yarn matches in my pile ‘o socks, so things should get better going forward.

And one more thing! I’ve been meaning to mention a giveaway hosted by moviemuse/Erin on her blog. Head over here for a chance to win a fabulous cube timer.

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1 Responses to Half of January’s Socks

  1. Erin says:

    Awesome color on that sock! (And thanks for the shout out!)