A Collection of Things

There are two schools of thought in this world: first, there is the Japanese way, summed up by the saying “The nail that stands up gets hit by the hammer;” then there is the American way, “The squeaky wheels gets the grease.” I will fully admit that I am more likely to follow the Japanese way, because I hate any kind of confrontation. (Which probably explains why I spend so much time at home, away from other people, and why I find it painful to make friends.)

Anyway, that’s the way things are with me. But, I’ve had a bit of a run of bad luck lately. First, the tips on my US10.5 Denise needle started to peel, and then I broke one of my Brittany US7 straight needles, and there was that chart from Design Works that I couldn’t read very well. So, I decided to be a brave girl and send out some emails. Here are the results:

Stuff I Got

A new set of Brittany needles (even though I only broke one; although three knitting needles doesn’t get me any farther than two do); a new set of Denise tips for my interchangeable set; and an enlarged chart for 12 Days of Christmas. Also in the picture is three skeins of Sullivan’s floss, which I requested after seeing a post from the company on the Mirabilia board offering samples. Not a bad haul, eh? I guess it pays to make waves (or at least a gentle request) when things aren’t quite right.

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2 Responses to A Collection of Things

  1. Erin says:

    My grandmother was a *huge* letter writer. She wrote complaints and praise to various companies several times a year. The amount of stuff she received in return was amazing! That’s not why she did it, she just wanted her voice to be heard. Every time I even think to write a complaint or praise letter/email, I think of her and smile.

  2. Erica says:

    I’m much like you Heather – I’d rather say nothing and just figure out a solution myself rather than bother someone else with my issue. I’m glad you got up the courage to say something though – it looks like you got exactly what you needed and deserved.