Bright Dinosaurs

I won’t go into my love for all things PlanetJune again. All I will say is that she sure makes super cute dinosaur patterns.

Plesiosaurus from PlanetJune

Example one: a lovely blue Plesiosaurus, crocheted from Bernat Satin in colour Teal. Nessie never looked so cute.

Stegosaurus from PlanetJune

Example two: a bright orange Stegosaurus. Bernat Satin again, this time in Sunset. He might not last long in the wild, but he sure is adorable.

These guys are now on their way to a lady in Kentucky. Hopefully her little man will love them.

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4 Responses to Bright Dinosaurs

  1. Stacey says:

    Super cute!
    I’ll bet they’ll be well-loved!

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  3. Giovanna says:

    They’re adorable! They look like they’re fun to make too – well done!

  4. Blu says:

    They’re so cute!!!