Kitchen Blessings Border

Seemingly endless stitching in a semi-solid silk. Not exactly my favourite type of stitch. And that is exactly why my re-colour (and re-charted border) of Enchanting Lair’s Kitchen Blessings is languishing. But, I dusted it off the other night, and I am now more than halfway around the outer border.

Kitchen Blessings by Enchanting Lair (WIP)

And a beauty shot of my stitching. It may not be the neatest stitching in the world, but it brings me joy.

And since I’m talking about Enchanting Lair, I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know that Laura is having a sale. All of her fabric is currently 20% off. I’m on a stash diet, but I dearly wish I could take advantage of that sale. There are a few colours that would be perfect for some projects in my stash. Why don’t you head over there and buy something while you think of me. 😉

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