February Socks

I cheated a little with my February socks. My original plan was to make Pirate Danger (Raverly link, membership required). But, I didn’t have the yarn caked, and well, I was too lazy to get out the swift and ball winder. You know how it is.

So, instead of letting good old Random.org pick my February socks, I picked out the pair I most wanted to make.

Kai-Mei by Cookie A.

Kai-Mei from Cookie A.’s book Sock Innovation. You may remember that I made a pair of these in October last year, using a dark, bright purple yarn called Maizy. Those went to live with a lovely lady in Texas. These lovely socks (knit in my favourite Panda Cotton, in colour 9800 Painted Iris) will be staying right here and adorning my feet.

They were very quick to make. I cast on 8pm on the 3rd, and they were all done before 6pm on the 10th. My notes from the October pair were very helpful, keeping me on track.

I’m not sure if I will ever knit these for a third time, but I sure do like them.

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4 Responses to February Socks

  1. Darlene says:

    You socks look really nice. Sometimes we just have to knit what we want to knit instead of letting random.org do the picking.

  2. Missy Ann says:

    Those are so gorgeous! Too nice to cover with shoes. 😀

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