An Oddly Patchy Santa and a Wee Sweater

March is quickly speeding away. And beyond two functionally useless swatches, I don’t feel like I have accomplished much. March’s socks haven’t been started (I’m still waiting for the yarn to arrive), and my mom’s cardigan is waiting for it’s final fitting before I can progress further.

March’s ornament, for all my grousing, is coming along, but I feel a bit uninterested in it right now because of all the white I need to stitch. It is Santa Bellpull by Carol Elmer, from the 1997 edition of the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue, stitched with DMC on a 32 count white linen. (I really need to label my fabric. Can any of you more fabric savvy ladies tell me what it is from the picture?)

Santa Bellpull by Carol Elmer

I did manage to finish one wee thing so far this month: Cotton Kisses Baby Cardigan from Plymouth Yarns in their yarn appropriately named Cotton Kisses. The colourway is the imaginatively named 9490 Pink, Purple, Aqua.

Cotton Kisses Cardigan

Because I am not sure who the ultimately recipient will be (no, it isn’t for any future offspring of mine; the little man is our first and last), I put button holes on both sides of the button band. I can then later securely sew on the buttons over the unnecessary button hole, thereby making sure I have the buttons and the holes properly lined up. Neat trick, eh?

So, how are your March goals coming along?

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1 Responses to An Oddly Patchy Santa and a Wee Sweater

  1. Pauline says:

    Just dropped by to catch up- your knitting is looking fabulous, as usual, as is your stitching! As for what the fabric is, I have no idea as I never label my fabric when it arrives (probably should), and only know what it is if it comes labeled. Apart from telling between evenweave and linen, I can’t identify any other different features.