March 2011 Stitching Blogger Question

Lee of Lakeside Stitcher has posted this month’s Stitching Blogger question. It is:

Do you have a favourite Irish or Celtic stitched piece?  If you don’t, what about a piece that represents your heritage?  Or maybe a family tree style sampler?  Think about it, then tell us the story of your piece and show us your photos, if you have them.

Given that my background is partly Irish ( and partly Scottish, with more than a dash of Swiss, German and American) , I was a bit surprised to discover that I haven’t really stitched anything Celtic. There was Teresa Wentzler’s Celtic Cross ornament in 2008 (which I did an awful job of finishing).

Celtic Cross by Teresa Wentzler

I also stitched (and poorly finished) TW’s Celtic Inspiration ornament.

Celtic Inspiration ornament by Teresa Wentzler

There are quite a few Celtic-inspired designs I would like to do. TW’s series comes to mind, as does Lavender and Lace’s Celtic Christmas, and Oak Tree Biscornu from Cross Eyed Kat.

I’m also planning on stitching Lavender and Lace’s Mother’s Tree one day. I’ve traced my maternal line back to the eighth generation preceding me. But I’m loath to start it in case I eventually turn up more information. (My dead end is Sarah Mae Brunner (b. 1747 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, d. 1770 Washington, Maryland, USA.)

My husband is Chinese, and I have stitched a few Chinese-inspired pieces for him. You saw Kitchen Blessings the other day. I also did Pinn Stitch’s Chang Er Moon Goddess.

Chang Er Moon Goddess by Pinn Stitch

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1 Responses to March 2011 Stitching Blogger Question

  1. Pauline says:

    Oh my, your Chang Er Moon Goddess is stunning! I haven’t seen this before on your blog- it is just breathe taking!!