Eyes! Eyes!

One of my endless goals to get myself organized. I’ve been working on sorting out my stash, putting yarn in drawers and bins according to some weird logic that makes sense to me when I do it but not later. I’ve also tried to sort out all the ones and twos of types of specialty fibres I have for stitching into some sort of coherent system. Somehow I’ve actually managed to catalogue all of this on the computer, using Ravelry for my knitting and crochet supplies (yarns, needles/hooks, and patterns/magazines/books), and Google docs for my stitching stuff (fibres and beads). (I’ll get to  my cross stitch charts and magazines one day, really.)

One thing that has fallen through the cracks is my eyes for my amigurumi. But, thanks to a little plastic container from the dollar store, they are nicely organized and ready for my next creation.

A container o' eyes

I have a few more than I intended to have. You see, PlanetJune is moving to South Africa, and she is closing down the eyes and accessories part of her shop for the next little while. And, seeing as I have a bunch of monster and amigurumi projects planned, I wanted to make sure I had every size I might need, since I don’t know how big things may turn out.

Look! A close-up of my most used size of eyes.

So, I placed an order and put it away in my new box. And then, a few days later, I opened up one of my sort-of-organized drawers of yarn, moved a few things, and found a bunch of eyes I had forgotten I ordered. So now I have more eyes than I know what to do with. Looks like the little man may be getting a bunch of toys this year, whether or not he really wants them… 😉

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