March Socks – Part 2.5

Oh noes, more socks. I know, it isn’t very exciting for my readers who don’t knit. But, I love to knit socks (they are small, portable, and fairly quick), and I enjoy sharing what I make in the hopes that it inspires you. Maybe you will see my lovely stripey socks and decide you need to stitch something with stripes. Who knows!

Anyway, I finished up my LoveSocks on Friday night. The yarn is Panda Cotton in Crystal Pink and Roses colourways.

LoveSocks (not for me)

Aren’t they cute?

LoveSocks Heels

And look at the hearts on the heelflap. I’m so tempted to make a pair for myself.

The 0.5 part of this post comes in with one sock of the simple short socks I’ve been working on:

Simple short sock

The yarn is Berroco Comfort Baby, which is the same as Berroco Comfort Sock, but in baby colour. I like how the yarn has worked up. However, I don’t like the Dutch heel in this sock.

Simple short sock Dutch heel

I find it too boxy. These are for my mom though (do I knit socks for myself anymore?), and I hope she will find it comfortable.

I’m not sure what my socks for April will be. I have another pair of commissioned socks (for the lady in Texas this time; I love her, so I don’t mind), but they should go quickly. After that, maybe a pair of Leyburn socks for myself.

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1 Responses to March Socks – Part 2.5

  1. Ruth says:

    Beautiful socks they are very cute with the little hearts. Well done.