12 Days with Gold

In my last post I expressed some, uh, trepidation with regards to using the Anchor metallic that came in the Twelve Days of Christmas kit. But, I’m a big girl, so I got out my needle and gave it a try:

Twelve Days with a touch of gold

The verdict is a little mixed. First, because the pattern calls for only one stand, I’m actually finding it very smooth to stitch with. In fact, it feels more like PTB than DMC metallic. On the other hand, because I am only working with one strand, I’m not sure I like the coverage.

I could buy some PTB to substitute. But, I would need five cards of it, and that would add about CAN$15 to the price of the kit. Now, that might not seem like that much, but I’ve already spent money on the kit and on the fabric, and I’d rather not spend any more.

I think I will do a bit more of the border, since it is three stitches wide (gold stitch, red stitch, gold stitch). Maybe I will like it better then.

What do you think?

Oh, and we got a whole pile of snow this week. It feels more like January than March around here. (And my winter jacket was totally ruined early this week, so I’m really feeling the cold.) If you’d like to see some pictures, check out my other blog.

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