Day One Done-ish

My goodness, this was certainly more of a struggle than it was worth, but day one of The Twelve Days of Christmas is finally finished… well, except for the outside border and a little bit of backstitching.

Day One for Twelve Days of Christmas by Joan Elliott

I’m using the floss from the kit, which is actually quite nice. I’m not sure if it DMC (those are the numbers given), but if it isn’t, it is of comparable quality. The fabric is some 28 count linen from my stash, to replace the adia from the kit. I’m not too happy with the beads in the kit, but I also don’t want to take out all the ones I’ve already put in.

I haven’t done the border because I’m not sure if I want to replace the Anchor metallic in the kit with PTB or something else. I suppose I won’t know until I try to stitch with it. 😉

Now, on to the next day! I’ll probably do day seven next, because that would work best for me given the flow of the chart. And this one should go much more smoothly, now that I have got the whole enlarged chart thing taken care of.

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2 Responses to Day One Done-ish

  1. Joanne P says:

    Was it just the chart quality which made this so difficult to stitch? I’ve got it in my list of 11 for this year. But it doesn’t feel quite right starting a Christmas one in Spring! I ought to do a square a month or it’ll never get finished this year.

    Looking forward to seeing your’s progress.

  2. Giovanna says:

    Very cute first day!