Reverse Hearts

My LoveSocks are coming along really well, especially considering I’m new at this whole instarsia thing. I’ve finished down to the heel flap on the second sock, which is a mirror of the first.

Love Socks - Stranding Problem

Now, you might have noticed a little bit of a problem. In the first sock, I stranded a light colour behind a dark colour. But for this sock, I’m stranding a dark colour behind a light, with predictable results. (I’m holding the sock up to the window to make the stranding problem stand out very clearly. And some of the stitches are uneven because I haven’t woven in the ends yet.)

Now, if there socks were for me, I’d just leave them. I mean, it would be on my foot, at the back. If anyone is looking at it that closely, then they need a kick. But, since these socks are for someone else, I’m going to get her okay before I continue on.

There is a fix for this, thankfully. Instead of stranding the colours at the top, I can do more intarsia. Fun.

I’m also going to come clean with you today: I bought yarn yesterday. A lot. Well, about fourteen balls. You see, I got the book [amazon_link id=”0740792601″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Yummi ‘Gurumi[/amazon_link] from the library, and the husband and I fell in love with the sushi and dim sum pieces. Of course, I was lacking a whole bunch of the colours to make them. 🙁 So, yesterday I headed up to the Mary Maxim boutique store here in Toronto and loaded up. I also picked up some yarn for a couple of other projects, because I figured if I’m going to use my Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card, I might as well use it on more than acrylic.

So, I’ve bought stash, but I’m still in the competition on Ravelry. I just need to not buy yarn between now and the end of the year. And, I also have to destash about the same amount of yardage if I get something as a gift. So, we’ve got, what, nine months left? Ack.

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