TUSAL – March 2011

It’s the new moon again, which means it is time for the TUSAL posting. (I’m not sure why so many people posted yesterday, since the new moon is March 4th. So, for once, I’m not actually late. Truly amazing, eh?)


This month there are bits from stitching (Kitchen Blessings mostly), the dinosaurs I crocheted, and the socks I knitted, as well as a few bits from the cardigan I am working on for my mom.

Tonight I’m heading over to the Bata Shoe Museum to attend a lecture by Lucy Neatby, knitter extraordinaire. She is well known for her funky knitting patterns (you can search for her on Raverly or check out her website) and great instructional DVDs (and YouTube videos). And, on Sunday, I will be attending her sock knitting workshop that is also being held at the Bata Shoe Museum (we really do have everything on Toronto, including a museum dedicated to shoes).

The museum also has an exhibit about socks on right now. But, I’m not sure if museum admission is included in the price of the Lucy Neatby events. We shall see.

Anyway, happy stitching and see you on April 3rd with another TUSAL update. (I checked. 😉 ) In the meantime, hopefully I will have some interesting information from Lucy Neatby to share.

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2 Responses to TUSAL – March 2011

  1. Erica says:

    Your ORT Jar looks great! I thought I was late posting mine when I saw everyone posting on the 3rd too. Sounds that the lecture at the Bata Shoe Museum would have been very interesting. I’ve never gone there, but I’ve heard it’s a very cool museum. Someday, someday….

  2. Daffycat says:

    ROFL I posted mine on the 3rd because I hadn’t changed the calender over to March so was looking at the 3rd of February’s New Moon! Oh, well…we only have to post “NEAR” the New Moon, right?