Afghan Square for a Little Man

I consider myself very lucky to be part of a great community on Ravelry. I’ve found a lovely group of ladies (and a couple of guys) who are great fun to talk to, trade with, and just generally have fun with. Sometimes, though, sad things happen to those great people. Right now, one lady has a very sick nephew–a 10-year old guy waiting to have open heart surgery.

So, since this is a great group of people, a bunch of us have gotten together to make squares for an afghan for him. I whipped up my square today, since a cold, rainy spring day is a great day for getting out the crochet hook.

Square for Jason

It hasn’t been blocked yet, so it is a little wavy, but for my first afghan square, I’m very happy with it. The yarn is Vanna’s Choice in colour Denim Mist. The pattern is a modified Autumn Leaves from the book [amazon_link id=”B003W0NW9G” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]50 Fabulous Crochet Squares[/amazon_link], with a few extra rows added to make the square 10″ across. (The colour in the picture is off because it is raining and dreary here today.)

As I was typing this entry up, I just heard that Jason is doing well. His doctors except the best, but it is still so sad that such a young man has undergone heart failure.

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4 Responses to Afghan Square for a Little Man

  1. Christine says:

    Pretty! Best wishes to Jason and his family. One story for encouragement. A good internet friend of mine, of long standing, has a daughter who was born within a week or so of my elder son. So she’ll be 21 next month. She was one of the early Loma Linda heart transplant babies, the operation having taken place when she was only a month or so old. My friend and her husband just didn’t take “let her die” as an acceptable answer. As a result, they have a wonderful, nearly 21-yr-old daughter, who, I gather, is quite healthy.

  2. Ruth says:

    Beautiful square and very best wishes to Jason and his family. Its never easy when children are sick.

  3. Joanne P says:

    That’s a lovely thing to do. Funnily enough the previous blog I read tonight was about Love Quilts who make cross stitched quilts for sick children. There are so many kind people in this world.

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