Freddie the Flounder

Can you believe it will be May tomorrow? Where has the year gone? It has been a busy year, at least, so I do feel like the time has been well spent, rather than one of those years where the time disappears and you haven’t got much to show for it.

And speaking of having a lot to show for time spent, boy did I get a lot done this week. Sadly, two pieces are for a secret partner exchange on Ravelry, so I can’t show pictures right now. Well, I can show you the package in the bag, waiting to go to the post office:


I can also show a picture of this cute little guy:

Freddie the Flounder

I call him Freddie, and he is the Flappy Flounder pattern by cheezombie in the Spring + Summer 2011 Knitty. He is knit in Vanna’s Choice in colour Denim Mist, with a wee bit of white Mary Maxim Starlette.

Wow, those are some big eyes!

I used 9mm safety eyes for the pupils on his very, very big eyes.

He was a quick knit, less than a day from start to finish. He was a bit fiddly though, but part of that came from the fact that I used needles that were a bit too small. I just grabbed what was sitting next to my stitching spot, rather than getting off my fat bum and looking for the right size. Serves me right. 😀

Sadly, I didn’t do much stitching this week. In addition to the toys I finished up, I’ve been working away on the yellow socks. And, honestly, it has been hard going. I don’t like the colour yellow, so I’m not really enjoying working on these socks. But, I did promise to have them done at the beginning of May, so I need to get moving. I’m about 1/3 of the way down the foot on the second sock, so I should have them finished and in the mail in a few days. Thank goodness. Then it is back to more stitching, and that pink shawl I started a while back.


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  1. Erica says:

    Love Freddie the Flounder! He’s adorable. (and I’m playing catch up on comments, bear with me!) 🙂