Making Choices

Recently I posted about some decisions I needed to make with regards to a couple of projects I’m working on. Perhaps the most… distressing was the error in the button band of the Liesl cardigan for my mom, all the way back at the beginning.

I’ll share a secret: sometimes it pays to sleep on something. I got a good night’s sleep (a rarity around here), and took a look at the button band with fresh eyes. Unfortunately, I noticed another missing ridge about four rows below the one I showed you the other day, near the bottom mistake. Fortunately, however, I realized the missing ridge at the top would be mostly covered by a button. Yay!

So, with crochet hook in hand, and the little man more or less distracted by his cars, I dropped down all three columns that needed to be fixed (one at a time of course), a total of about six inches, and carefully worked them back up. And the result is a lovely Liesl with it’s only mistake under a button. It will be washed and blocked this week (when I’m feeling better), and I will share a picture then.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about is the metallic thread for The Twelve Days of Christmas. It seems that the general consensus is to not buy PTB. It was suggested that I use two strands of the Anchor metallic thread, which is a good idea. However, I like one strand because I don’t have to struggle with it; and, if I used two strands, I’d need to buy more, because I’m beating the kit only has just about enough of it to stitch the design as directed.

Anyway, I sat down finally and stitched more of the border. To tell you the truth, I’ve been avoiding working on this design because I didn’t want to find out that I need to make changes to it. But, my avoidance was in vain:

Twelve Days with triple border

I think the border will be just fine. From a distance the coverage looks pretty good. Again, yay!

So, onward, onward with The Twelve Days of Christmas. And now that Liesel is completely done, it is time to continue work on Annis and another pair of socks.

Starting on the swans

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2 Responses to Making Choices

  1. Ruth says:

    Well done on Liesel and fixing the problem. I love the border on the 12 days and think the one thread coverage is lots especially as you have metallic thread metallic. A good nights sleeps seems to work. Well done.

  2. Joanne P says:

    I’m so glad you’re stitching 12 Days before me, you’re sorting all the problems out for me!!

    And it does look lovely too which is encouraging me to get started on it.