April 2011 Stitching Bloggers’ Question

Lee at Lakeside Stitcher posted this month’s Stitching Bloggers’ question a couple of days ago. It is:

Do you keep records of your finishes? We are so lucky to have so many record-keeping tools at our disposal to record our accomplishments. So if you do, what recording methods do you use?  What do you think is important to record when you’ve finished a design?

I sort of keep track of my stitching finishes, but not in a really detailed way. I keep a picture of each one (well, most of them) on my hard drive. The files are named to include the design name, designer, and the month and year it was completed. And, since I started posting my finishes on my blog, I’ve been recording in blog entries any significant changes.

I don’t have pictures of everything I’ve done. Things that I gave away way back when I started stitching were never recorded. And, even in recent years, a few things made it out the door without pictures being taken.

I do have a gallery of my finishes, if you’d like to look.

Now, knitting and crochet are completely different. Thanks to Ravelry (and the fact that I started using it just as I started to knit and crochet), nearly every details of those projects are recorded. I wish there was a needlework version of Ravelry!

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