A Flurry of Shawls

I really do do more than stitch smalls and knit socks. Right now I’m on a bit of a shawl kick.

Moor Shawl (WIP)

First, I’m knitting the Moor Shawl by Jen Hansen (Raverly link) using some lovely silver silk yarn from Shall We Knit. It is actually made from silk that is sourced from the leftovers of a luxury goods manufacturing process. Ravelry lists it as light fingering, but I’m thinking it is a bit heavier weight then that. And I have to say that I love it, and I love the colour. It is so me!

Crocheted Lace Triangular Shawl - wip (two flowers complete)

The second shawl, which isn’t very me, is the Crocheted Lace Triangular Shawl by Sirdar Spinning (another Raverly link). I actually ordered the pattern from the UK because I felt this huge urge to make this shawl. I have no idea why, since I tend to look terrible in green, but I’m on my way and I hope it will look great on me (or someone I know) when it is finally done. The yarn I’m using is Sirdar Duet, in the same colour as the model. How unusual for me!

Felicity Shawl - wip (nearly three blocks complete)

And the last shawl is Felicity by Christie Pruitt (a Knit Picks link this time, although it is also available on Ravelry). This is a really neat shawl, using a knitting technique called entrelac (which I’ve done before), but in crochet. I’m using Mary Maxim Bamboo Soft Stripes yarn in colourway Deep Blue Sea, and it is turning out so drappy and soft. I love it!

And I’m sure you all are wondering what happened to my obsession with knitting socks. (Yeah, right!) Well, never fear, there are more socks on the horizon.

Portland Gussets Socks - wip

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1 Responses to A Flurry of Shawls

  1. Darlene says:

    I love the look of all the shawls but the third one is my favorite. One I think I would even make for myself. Look forward to seeing it when it’s completed.