Effervescent Butterscotch

Socks, socks, socks. Sometimes it seems all I ever knit is socks.

Blueberry Bubbles by Thayer Preece

These are from the pattern Blueberry Bubbles by Thayer Preece. The yarn is a hand-dyed from a company called Yarn Hollow (link to etsy shop). She calls this yarn Summer Love, but the base is Panda Cotton, one of my favourite non-wooly sock yarns. The colour is, not surprisingly, called butterscotch.

Blueberry Bubbles (both cables)

These socks were a fairly quick knit. The pattern was a bit vague is some places, but overall I was able to follow it without any problems. I just wish that it had had separate charts for the left and right leg. The chart worked perfectly for the left leg, but I had to mentally add a stitch at the end of the right leg (less confusing than it sounds, especially once the pattern was established). It also would have been nice if the four row bubble cable and the travelling stitches were more mathematically compatible (by that I mean, I would have liked to know I was on row 4 of the cable every time I hit, say, row 16 of the travelling stitches chart).

Blueberry Bubbles - cables close-up

Would I knit this pattern again? Absolutely, especially since these socks aren’t for me. Next time they will be for me, and I’ll probably be using this lovely yarn:

Dye-Version Bamboo Stretch Sock (sky colourway)


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4 Responses to Effervescent Butterscotch

  1. Christine says:

    Pretty socks, and I really like the sky yarn.

  2. Giovanna says:

    These socks are terrific – congrats!

  3. Flo Abbott says:

    Hi there, Just found your blog after a couple of false starts. Great socks, it’s ages since I knitted anything perhaps I’ll have to get the needles out again? Been looking through some of your older posts. Like your Pumpkin Man. I get quite attached to beaded pieces,

    See you again.

  4. Flo Abbott says:

    Back again so quickly. I forgot to say I think your’Royalty ABC, ‘ Is fantastic. I’ve never seen this before, I’ll have to go on a search for it..