Needin’ Some Beadin’

My little guy loves to lure me over to the computer so he can sit on my lap while he plays games or messes around with the webcam. Of course, that means Momma is has a lot of time to sit and work on something small. And, for the past few days I’ve being stitching Mill Hill kits.

Pumpkin Man from Mill Hill (wip)

As you can see, something is missing. Beading at the computer with a pre-schooler on my lap wasn’t something I was willing to try, so Mr. Pumpkin Man is just going to have to wait a little while for his beads.

Holiday Stamp from Mill Hill (wip)

I haven’t made as much progress on this piece. I’ve started dividing my time between knitting a pair of socks and stitching this. But, I really love this design. In fact, I love nearly all of the holiday bead kits that Mill Hill has released this year. My wish list for them would probably be shorter if I listed the ones I don’t want. 😉 Unfortunately, my LNS doesn’t usually get in the larger button designs, and fortunately, the Canada Post strike prevents me from ordering the ones I want.

Hopefully I will be able to get these designs finished and beaded by the end of next week. But, now that I’ve finally got the computer up and running correctly, I really need to finish up my last work assignment (half of which I lost in the crash).

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2 Responses to Needin’ Some Beadin’

  1. Teresa says:

    I love doing the Mill Hill kits as well. They work up fast and are so cute. Hope you can get mail real soon.
    Teresa’s Heartfelt Stitches

  2. Julie H says:

    The pumpkin looks cute the way he is!