L*K Travelling Pattern – Part One

A little while back I won  the chance to take part in the Stitcherhood of the travelling Lizzie*Kate pattern Life’s A Stitch. Loretta of Loretta’s Stitching Blog was the previous stitcher, a fellow Canadian, and, unfortunately, she slipped it in the mail just a couple of days before the postal strike started. Well, Canada Post has been back at work for a week and has more or less got their act together again (although I’ve yet to see any large parcels), and the pattern finally found its way into my mailbox.

Yesterday afternoon I sat down and dug around in my pile of odd silks…

A pile of silk threads

I managed to find some colours I really liked together, and here is what I’ve managed to stitch so far:

Llife's A Stitch by Lizzie*Kate (WIP, custom colours)

If you would like a chance to be part of the travelling Stitcherhood, be sure to come back here in a day or two. I’ll be posting a picture of my finished piece and offering my readers a chance to adopt the pattern. You must be willing to drop everything and stitch the pattern as soon as you receive it, and you must also be able to mail it on to the next recipient, wherever they may live, as soon as possible. Hopefully the poor thing won’t get stuck in mail limbo again. I’ll post all the rules when I offer up the pattern.

As an aside, does anyone know where/if I can get more odd silks? I mean Dinky Dyes Oops packs or the Hand Dyed Fibre detritus packs. I would really, really love some more.

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