CreativFestival – Day 1

I had my first class at the CreativFestival on Wednesday: Serger Nightie and Gown. The instructor was a Baby Loc (brand of serger) representative from B.C.¬† The first hour or so of class was spent trying to figure out how to cut out a pattern she said would be easy. All we needed was our bust measurement, and some (terrible) instructions, and away we went. Unfortunately, all we had was a poorly drawn diagram at the front of the room and an instruction sheet that didn’t make much sense. She also corrected herself twice after people started cutting.

Once we got sergering (not in the order of the instruction sheet, nor following all the steps), things got a little better. I will admit, my nightie and gown (housecoat) are a bit sloppy. I was, frankly, a bit annoyed with the whole process. However, in the end, I did learn how to use my serger better. I’ve now got some skills to carry over to other projects.

I’ll share a pictures of nightie and gown later (they are unfinished, and I’m not sure I will bother finishing them). I need some decent light, and it is pouring rain right now.¬† The fabric used is supposed to be a lovely batiste, but I think it feels like a cheap muslin. And it is not really worth the large kit fee, in my opinion.

Platinum Gift Package

I also picked up my gift package, which I got for signing up for a platinum  course package. All the items were donated by H.A. Kidd. And, while it is very nice, it is really heavy on scrapbooking supplies. Sadly, this year it came in a cheap plastic bag, which was looking tatty by the time I got home. In past years, the bag itself had been much nicer.

Today is day two of my classes. I’ll be taking a Fair Isles knitting class with Finoa Ellis, a needlework class with Jennifer Aikman-Smith (Dragon Dreams), and another serger class with the same instructor as last night.

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  1. cucki says:

    wow..great goodies..have fun dear xxx