PJs for Baby Man

The CreativFestival is this weekend, and I have my first class today. It is called Serger Nightie and Gown, and I’m quite excited to be leaning how to use my serger to do more than finish seams or sew a square.

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t a little nervous. I do meet the prerequisite, which is knowing how to use a sewing machine to sew. But, I can’t remember the last time I sewed a garment. Maybe a doll’s dress when I was a little girl? And then I had the help of my grandma. I have seen my mom sew lots of clothes, and I’ve made lots of bags and ornaments, etc. However, I thought it was important for me to try to make something someone can actually wear before I take that class.

So, here it is, still in progress: a pair of pjs for the little man:

Car Pjs for the little man (Simpilicity pattern #2046)

I used Simpilicity pattern 2046, some very cute light cotton flannel and a whole lot of courage. (I suspect some Americans may be a bit worried about the fabric choice. We have very different rules up here with regards to materials suitable for children’s sleepwear. Rest assured, the little man will be safe. It’s not often we put him to bed with an open flame. 😉 )

Look! I made a button hole!

So far, I’ve only run into a few minor issues. I picked up a bit of fabric from the arm of the sleeves while sewing in the shoulders. I figure this is partly due to me going too fast, and partly because the armscye is so darn small. It was easily fixed with a seam ripper and some patience. I’ve also left off the pocket because I couldn’t figure out the directions. I’ll add it later, hopefully. And, lastly, I forgot to buy elastic for the pants. Oops!

The perfect button!

The good news is that the pjs fit the little man with some room to spare. And, I also learned how to sew a garment and even used my serger for some of the finishing. I may go back and serger/overlock all the edges if I feel brave. And, if I can find another deal of cotton flannel, I just might make a couple more sets of pjs for the little man.

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2 Responses to PJs for Baby Man

  1. cucki says:

    very lovely and the cute buttons xxx

  2. Robin says:

    Those are awesome! I have a serger but I bought it used and never got it to work right. When DD was younger I always had a hard time finding pants that fit her correctly so I was constantly hemming pants for her. I attempted to make pants and did do one, but I must have gotten the measurements wrong because they just fit. I did make a sweat shirt for her that she loved! I’d like to do sewing again, but I just haven’t had the room or the time for it. I still have my materials thats being stored with my mother in KY. Hopefully one day I’ll get back to it.

    Your PJ’s are wonderful! 🙂