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Snuggle Up

Making clothes really isn’t all that cost effective any more. With careful shopping and the use of discount codes, I can buy our clothes for quite a bit less than what materials and my time are worth. But, store bought … Continue reading

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Keep That Stash In Check

I know that many of you are like me: you’ve got a good sized stash that will most likely provide you with lots to do for the rest of your life… and probably well beyond. But, have you thought about … Continue reading

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Matryoshka Keepsake Case Finish

I used to have a rule about the Creativ Festival: I needed to finish all the previous year’s classes before I could sign up for the next year’s classes. A few years back, that rule was forgotten as the number … Continue reading

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Little Gingerbread Purse

I think one of the fun things about the holiday season is how much we can accessorize. Unlike most holidays, Christmas/New Years is celebrated pretty much throughout the whole of December and sometimes into January (depending on when you get … Continue reading

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Creativ Festival Fall 2015 – Day 2

Today was the first full day of the Creativ Festival. Classes began at 9am and went all the way until 8pm. It takes a lot more energy than you would think to stitch, bead, sew, and craft all day. But … Continue reading

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Sewing Set Finish

Sometimes I just don’t get around to posting things when I should. I finished this sewing set back in December. Yes, almost six months ago. I finally took a picture of it in April. Yes, a month ago. But, here … Continue reading

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Sewing PJs

Unfortunately, I have broken my sewing machine again… I finished up a couple of big projects and decided to change the needle. Well, I didn’t tighten the screw enough, and the needle popped out and punched holes in my bobbin … Continue reading

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